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The Next Five Game of Thrones Chapters Have Been “Leaked” by an AI

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Caution: This post is dark and full of spoilers for the extended A track of Ice and fireplace ebook collection on which the hit HBO display sport of Thrones is primarily based.

extra than six years have exceeded for the reason that release of the final e book in George R.R. Martin’s beloved A music of Ice and hearth myth series, and nobody honestly is aware of when the next installment, the penultimate Winds of iciness, could be completed.

lovers at the moment are in the midst of a doubly dire wait as 2019 may be the soonest we get any new content material regarding the fates of our favorite (or maximum despised) characters in Westeros.

This wait became unacceptable to superfan and software engineer Zack Thoutt. He decided to use the information won from the artificial intelligence (AI) route he took with Udacity to build a recurrent neural community that could analyze from Martin’s previous 5 books and collect 5 logo-new chapters.

even as an awful lot of what the AI wrote is barely coherent, some of it finally ends up sounding pretty prophetic.


one of the most first-rate factors of this improvement is how the AI seemed to confirm a few fan theories, even though the algorithm turned into now not fed facts from fan web sites or different resources past the books themselves.

The AI predicts that Jaime will certainly kill his sister/mom of his (useless) kids, Jon Snow (née Targaryen) will put his dragon-whispering talents to correct use and take to the skies on certainly one of his aunt/lover’s dragon youngsters (his cousins? step-dragons?), and Varys the Spider will become poisoning the Dragon Queen (sad, but at least there’s no incest right here).

other choices appear to be barely grammatical nonsense…or are they? In an excerpt written from Tyrion’s factor of view, we examine, “‘I feared grasp Sansa, Ser,’ Ser Jaime reminded her. ‘She Baratheon is one of the crossing. the second one sons of your onion concubine.'”

ought to this be the largest plot twist inside the records of Westeros? Is Jaime having a torrid affair with Ser Davos the Onion Knight, who seems to be the name of the game leader of the mercenary organization the second Sons? And Sansa is a mystery Baratheon/Frey?

not possibly. nevertheless, these chapters can inform us something that appears more true with each passing day: AI is getting higher at the arts.

We’ve now visible AIs dabbling in the advent of Christmas songs, movie trailers, and different visible works of art to varying levels of fulfillment. those attempts do no longer inspire the best hope for present day aspiring robot artists to supplant human ones, so George R.R. Martin has little to fear from AI for now, however just like the White Walkers, on occasion threats can pop out of nowhere.

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