Bitcoin Was Just Used to Pay for a New Home in Texas

Texas-based real estate brokerage firm Kuper Sotheby’s international Realty has completed the primary-ever sale of a actual property property the use of simply bitcoin. the sector’s most famous cryptocurrency has long moved on from its shadowy past to emerge as a legitimate currency used to purchase Starbucks espresso, Xbox games, and now, a… Read More

Engineers Have Found a Way to 3D Print Super Strong Aluminum

Operating WITH metallic For the longest time, steel-based production has been hard and high-priced. high-energy aluminum alloys are hard substances to paintings with for additive production, additionally known as 3-d printing. Now, researchers from HRL Laboratories have evolved a brand new technique that allowed them to 3-D print high-energy aluminum and weld formerly unweldable material.… Read More

After “Living on Mars” for Eight Months

Prolonged ISOLATION eight months ago, NASA adequate’d six people to function psychology studies subjects for project V, which happened at a facility at the university of Hawaii, Hawaii space Exploration Analog and Simulation (hello-SEAS) on the Mauna Loa volcano. The team stayed the path and, eight long months later, are set to emerge from… Read More

China Claims They Have Actually Created an EM Drive

Guess WHO’S lower back After a exceptionally long information hiatus, the not possible EM (Electromagnetic) pressure is making a comeback. Researchers from China’s space organization have launched a video through kingdom media in advance this month displaying a supposedly-practical EM drive. Have the chinese language ultimately made the not possible happen? permit’s… Read More

We are Just Six Months Away from Magic Leap One and more

Magic soar is finally geared up to make exact on all of these lofty guarantees it’s made, however there’s a catch. The mysterious combined-reality organization has introduced plans to launch a product to a “small group of users” sometime inside the subsequent six months. We still don't have any clean idea what the… Read More