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NASA Just Recorded the International Space Station Flying in Front of the Eclipse

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As the moon sneaked in front of the sun during Monday’s total solar eclipse, a NASA photographer captured a once-in-a-lifetime sight.

Joel Kowsky, one of the area corporation’s picture editors, was in Banner, Wyoming, to observe the sun eclipse when he photographed the worldwide area Station zooming in front of a crescent solar.

underneath is a video Kowsky recorded the usage of a excessive-speed digicam that recorded 1,500 frames a 2d. He also photographed the ISS with a general digicam.

Such excessive-speed recording is essential due to the fact the ISS is kind of the dimensions of a soccer discipline, orbits Earth from 250 miles up, and actions at a speed of 17,500 mph.

To capture this type of speedy-shifting object from the proper attitude calls for now not best months or years of making plans but additionally a whole lot of luck.

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